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Drake Maye
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Drake Maye Prospect Overview
Tar Heels quarterback Drake Maye (10) scores a touchdown as North Carolina State Wolfpack safety Tanner Ingle (10) and defensive tackle Davin Vann (45) and linebacker Payton Wilson (11) defend in the fourth quarter at Kenan Memorial Stadium. Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Drake Maye QB North Carolina | NFL Draft Profile & Scouting Report

Drake Maye QB North Carolina
NFL Draft Profile & Scouting Report

PLAY STYLE: Mobile Pocket Passer
Last Updated: 04/05/2024
Draft Year: 2024
40 time: 4.60 seconds (90%*)
Age: 21.10 DOB: 08/30/2002
Height: 6-4 (73%*) Weight: 223 (54%*)
Hands: 9 1/8 (27%*) Arm: 32 1/4 (56%*) Span: 76 1/8 (51%*)
Forty: 4.60 (O) (90%*)
0% 100%
(C) - NFL Combine (P) - Pro Day (O) - Other (HS) -Estimated from High School Combine
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PLAY STYLE: Mobile Pocket Passer
Last Updated: 04/05/2024
Draft Year: 2024
40 time: 4.60 seconds (90%*)
Age: 21.10 DOB: 08/30/2002
0% 100%
Height: 6-4 (73%*) Weight: 223 (54%*)
Hands: 9 1/8 (27%*) Arm: 32 1/4 (56%*)
Span: 76 1/8 (51%*)
Forty: 4.60 (O) (90%*)
(C) - NFL Combine (P) - Pro Day (O) - Other
(HS) -Estimated from High School Combine
For an explanation of how the (HS) data is calculated see this article
Overall Rating: 90.1 / 100
Average rating of opposition Defense player has faced
Defense Rating:
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Release Speed:
Short Passing:
Medium Passing:
Long Passing:
Overall Rank: #7 Position rank: #3
College Games: 27 College Snaps: 1926
Grade: 4 ESPN  Stars 4 ESPN  Stars ESPN RATING: 86/100
College Combine Results
Grade: 247 Sports 4  Stars 247 Sports 97 Stars 247 RATING: 97/100
Grade: 4 Stars 4 Stars RIVALS RATING: 5.9 (97%)
Player Comparison* (Similarity level)
Trey Lance - North Dakota State
Mac Jones - Alabama
Justin Fields - Ohio State
New England Patriots Drafted: ROUND: 1 - Pick Number: 3 (NE)
Draft Profile: Bio
Drake Maye, the dynamic quarterback from North Carolina, has rapidly become one of the most talked-about prospects in the 2024 NFL Draft. A successor to Sam Howell, now with the Washington Commanders, Maye didn't just fill Howell's shoes; he created his own legacy. Maye was a five-star recruit from Myers Park High School, recognized with a four-star rating by both ESPN and 247 Sports. His decision to play for Phil Longo at North Carolina was a pivotal moment, signaling the beginning of a remarkable collegiate career.

Maye's freshman year in 2021 offered only a glimpse of his potential, as he saw action in just two games. However, his statistics were promising: 89 yards on 10 attempts, a 70% completion rate, an average of 8.9 yards per pass, one touchdown, and a solid QB rating of 130.8. It was in 2022, as a redshirt freshman, that Maye truly burst onto the scene. In 13 games, he amassed an impressive 4,087 passing yards on 482 attempts, maintaining a 66.6% completion rate. His ability to find the end zone was evident with 34 touchdowns, and he also showcased his versatility on the ground, rushing 143 times for a total of 833 yards, averaging 5.8 yards per carry.

Maye's 2022 campaign was a masterclass in quarterbacking, as he completed 342 of 517 passes for a total of 4,321 yards, 38 touchdowns, and just seven interceptions. His proficiency on the ground was equally impressive, rushing for almost 700 yards and seven scores. The departure of Longo in 2023 could have been a setback, but Maye adapted brilliantly. Though his numbers saw a slight dip to 3,608 yards, 24 touchdowns, and nine interceptions, his on-field performance and technique arguably improved
Honors & awards
  • Maning Award Finalist (2023)
  • PFF Third-Team All-American (2022)
  • ACC Player of the Year (2022)
  • Shaun Alexander Freshman of the Year (2022)
  • FWAA Freshman All-American (2022)
  • Manning Award Finalist (2022)
  • Walter Camp National Player of the Year Semifinalist (2022)
  • Maxwell Award Semifinalist (2022)
  • Davey O'Brien Award Semifinalist (2022)
  • In 2022 he became just the sixth QB since 2010 to post 4,000 pass yards, 35 pass TDs, 650 rush yards and seven rush TDs in a season joining Kyler Murray (2018), DeShaun Watson (2015, ’16), Marcus Mariota (2014), Johnny Manziel (2013) and Robert Griffin III (2011)
Scouting Report: Strengths
  • Excellent athletic ability with quickness and speed, making him a dual-threat as a scrambler and designed runner.
  • Boasts very strong arm strength, delivering throws with high velocity outside the numbers and deep downfield.
  • Demonstrates great skill in throwing off-platform and under pressure, maintaining accuracy even in a cluttered pocket.
  • Shows superb accuracy across all three levels of the field, coupled with occasional flashes of exceptional touch.
  • Operates effectively within structure, maintaining timeliness and awareness of checkdown options.
  • Prototypical, tall QB build combined with exceptional mobility and quantifiable elite arm talent.
  • Effortlessly generates high velocity on throws with a crisp release, effectively pushing the ball outside the numbers.
  • Exhibits remarkable 360-degree arm flexibility and fluidity, enhancing his ability to make off-platform throws.
  • In 2022 North Carolina had one of the worst offensive lines in college football, but he still managed to put up huge numbers despite being under constant pressure
  • Impressive sporting bloodlines - Dad, Mark, played QB at North Carolina, and his brother, Luke, was a two-time All-ACC basketball player as a Tar Heel
  • Tall athlete with the speed and foot quickness to pick up yards on the ground. Ran a lot of designed quarterback runs and showed the athleticism to be considered a legitimate dual-threat option.
Scouting Report: Weaknesses
  • Maye is an excellent scrambler however he often takes too long to decide who to throw to putting huge pressure on the offensive line
  • He’s often slow in his progressions and had trouble with some relatively simple coverage rotations, and when his first read isn't open he struggles to get to the next guy
  • Needs to refine his base mechanics through passes, avoiding a narrowed rotation that can impact throw efficiency.
  • Footwork sometimes shows inconsistency, particularly in pocket navigation, leading to a loss of stability and accuracy.
  • Prone to making risky decisions under pressure, occasionally resulting in turnovers or forced throws in challenging situations.
Scouting Report: Summary
Drake Maye ticks all the boxes of a top-tier NFL quarterback prospect: strong arm, ideal size, and mobility. His arm strength is a standout feature, enabling him to make all the throws with velocity and precision. Maye's versatility in delivering both bullet passes and touch throws adds a dynamic layer to his game. He's also adept at making plays on the move, showcasing impressive off-platform throwing ability.

However, it's not all smooth sailing. Maye's athletic ability, while solid, isn't elite. He's effective on designed runs and scrambles, but not a game-changer with his legs. His mental processing shows promise, yet there's room for growth, particularly in handling complex defensive schemes and post-snap adjustments. His tendency to play "hero ball" has led to forced plays and turnovers, a habit that needs refinement at the pro level.

In the pocket, Maye's generally reliable, sticking to the script and working through his progressions methodically. But consistency is key, and there are moments where he falters, especially under pressure or when the initial read isn't available.

Overall, Maye is a well-rounded prospect with the raw tools to develop into a starting NFL quarterback. He brings a strong arm, nice mobility, and a foundational understanding of quarterback mechanics. The key for Maye will be honing his decision-making and adjusting to the faster, more complex defenses of the pro game. With the right coaching and system, Maye has the potential to evolve into a cornerstone player for an NFL franchise.

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