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Will Campbell OT LSU | NFL Draft Profile & Scouting Report

Will Campbell OT LSU
NFL Draft Profile & Scouting Report

Last Updated: 05/31/2024
Draft Year: 2025
40 time: 5.20 seconds (63%*)
Age: 20.6 DOB: 01/06/2004
Height: 6-6 (56%*) Weight: 325 (76%*)
Forty: 5.20 (O) (63%*)
0% 100%
(C) - NFL Combine (P) - Pro Day (O) - Other (HS) -Estimated from High School Combine
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Last Updated: 05/31/2024
Draft Year: 2025
40 time: 5.20 seconds (63%*)
Age: 20.6 DOB: 01/06/2004
0% 100%
Height: 6-6 (56%*) Weight: 325 (76%*)
Forty: 5.20 (O) (63%*)
(C) - NFL Combine (P) - Pro Day (O) - Other
(HS) -Estimated from High School Combine
For an explanation of how the (HS) data is calculated see this article
Overall Rating: 90.6 / 100
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Pass Blocking:
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Overall Rank: #6 Position rank: #1
College Games: 25 College Snaps: 1629
Grade: 5 ESPN  Stars 5 ESPN  Stars ESPN RATING: 90/100
Grade: 247 Sports 4  Stars 247 Sports 96 Stars 247 RATING: 96/100
Grade: 4 Stars 4 Stars RIVALS RATING: 6.0 (98%)
Player Comparison* (Similarity level)
Taliese Fuaga - Oregon State
Paris Johnson Jr. - Ohio State
Bernhard Raimann - Central Michigan
Draft Profile: Bio

LSU Offensive Tackle prospect Will Campbell was a standout recruit from Neville High School in Monroe, LA. As a 4-star recruit, he was the 9th overall OT and ranked 66th nationally. Campbell quickly made an impact at LSU, starting as a true freshman in 2022 and playing every snap at left tackle. Over his college career, he has accumulated over 1,600 snaps with a remarkable performance, allowing only two sacks and receiving multiple accolades.

In 2023, Campbell started all 13 games and played 805 offensive snaps, continuing his streak of not allowing a single sack. He was named First-Team All-SEC by coaches and Second-Team All-SEC by the AP. Known for his reliability and leadership, Campbell has been a permanent team captain and a key figure in LSU's offensive line, which was a finalist for the Joe Moore Award. His academic achievements include being on the SEC Academic Honor Roll.

Campbell's career stats are impressive, with a total of 1,687 snaps played, only two sacks allowed, and six penalties. He has demonstrated a strong upper body, good hand placement, and a solid understanding of the game, making him one of the top offensive tackle prospects for the 2025 NFL Draft.

Scouting Report: Strengths
  • Excellent size and athleticism for his position, demonstrating fluid movement and agility at 6'6" and 325 pounds.
  • Remarkable footwork, maintaining position and leverage even when challenged by top defenders.
  • Strong run blocker, showing improved understanding and execution in creating running lanes and reaching second-level defenders.
  • Outstanding balance, rarely losing leverage or being pushed off his base by top pass rushers.
  • Powerful base, effectively handling bull rushes and recovering well with strong punches.
  • Effective grappler in close quarters, with strong upper-body strength and good hand placement.
  • Impressive awareness and coordination with teammates, building a solid pocket and anchoring against bull rushers.
  • Demonstrates good quickness and flexibility on reach blocks, with enough range to get out as a puller.
Scouting Report: Weaknesses
  • Struggles with play strength against older, more powerful rushers, occasionally giving ground at first contact.
  • Inconsistent hand usage and grip strength, often beaten late in plays by relentless defenders.
  • Length issues on tape, sometimes out-leveraged by opponents due to average arm length.
  • Stiffness in protecting the outside shoulder against speed rushers, occasionally losing to flexible defenders.
  • Can occasionally develop a shaky pass protection technique, playing too high and with an inconsistent kick slide.
Scouting Report: Summary

Will Campbell's size, athleticism, and technical skills make him a promising prospect for the NFL. His impressive footwork and ability to recover in difficult situations are notable strengths that will serve him well at the next level. As he continues to develop his play strength and hand technique, Campbell has the potential to become a top-tier offensive tackle.

His experience at LSU, coupled with his consistent performance and leadership, positions him as a reliable and impactful player. The transition to the NFL will require fine-tuning, particularly in handling more powerful and experienced defenders. However, his track record suggests he is more than capable of making the necessary adjustments.

Overall, Campbell's blend of physical gifts, technical prowess, and on-field experience make him a strong candidate for a high first-round selection in the 2025 NFL Draft.

Written By:
Wyatt Brooks (SEC)

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